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WordPress for business - custom design or premium theme?

21 December 2020 01:09 PM

Have you chosen the world's most popular WordPress as the content management system for your company's website, but don't know where to start? Choosing a WordPress theme on your own can seem like an almost impossible task. In practice, a theme includes the look and feel of a web page, from layout, colors, fonts to all the other functionalities. Next, we’ll go through the pros and cons of WordPress themes so you are able to make the right decision which supports your business goals.


Benefits and challenges of the WordPress premium theme (ready-made template)




Premium theme is an option for starting business owners and small websites

WP-themes listed on may be suitable for a personal blog or a smaller site, such as a portfolio, or for someone starting a side business. However, preparing to stand out from the competition is really challenging, as the selection of the world’s most popular WordPress publishing system includes thousands of themes, each with its own user base.


Pay attention to hidden costs - what are you paying for now and in the future?

Even though some of the WordPress themes are free, not a single website is built around the theme alone. The website also needs a paid domain and a hosting provider. Consider whether you want to start with a smaller budget that will increase over time (snowball effect) or invest in a well-functioning and converting website from the beginning allocating your budget realistically, with no hidden extra costs.


Domino effect is guaranteed when usability and UX suffer

The challenges of premium themes revolve primarily around usability. The first steps after installing a WordPress theme may at first seem like a smooth sailing but usability issues can easily pile up, creating a domino effect on both the website’s customer satisfaction and user experience.

The WordPress theme only includes the basic functions of WP and in terms of site functionality, paid add-ons should therefore be added to the budget. Often this step also requires expert customization, i.e., additional budgeting.


The theme can end up being a burden when the challenges are left for the client

Free themes are not updated or developed at the same pace as custom ones - if at all. As a result, security, site speed and integration issues often appear. Practically free themes are not recommended for companies for this very reason. For example, if a new entrepreneur decides to build their website around a WP-theme, they need to significantly add their working hours on maintaining the site, downloading and updating add-ons as well as troubleshooting.


Why choose a custom Wordpress theme for your business?




A custom theme will accelerate the growth of your business

A fully customized website supports your business goals in the best possible way. The theme is fully customizable according to the customer's needs. Professional developers will listen to your wishes in terms of both layout and conversion strategy.


WordPress + ease of use

WordPress is the world's most widely used content management system. This fact already says a lot about the simplicity of the tool. It leaves you time to do profitable work for your business, leaving coding and maintenance to experts you trust.

Security issues have been resolved for you

As mentioned earlier, custom themes in WordPress have taken security into account, as the open source publishing system is constantly being updated. This greatly increases the accessibility and reliability of the site.

Stand out from your competitors

The custom theme guarantees a completely unique look that stands out well from the crowd. The websites which are aligned with the company brand can be seen as the company’s salesperson, who is on call 24/7 both on Friday nights and early Sunday mornings.

Great customer experience is everyone’s best interest

In custom WordPress themes, responsiveness is a guarantee and doesn’t need to be questioned. Carefully planned UX-design removes sales barriers and increases customer satisfaction.



Extensive services of a digital agency at your disposal

If you end up choosing a custom theme, you will get access to developer support and expertise with a solid background in WordPress development. Website redesign is much more than just web development: the visual identity, possibly branding, content production and analytics installations are just a few of the many solutions a digital agency partner will accomplish for your business when it comes to the comprehensive process.

At digital agencies websites are always built with site visibility in mind, ie. search engine friendly. In the long run, the site is conversion-optimized to maximize it's full potential in lead generation.

Aino Kalinainen

As a Marketing Specialist at Kokku I enable our clients to reach their full potential by planning digital marketing strategies, optimizing data-driven campaigns and diving deep into WordPress and HubSpot.