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Why a digital agency makes an excellent marketing agency partner?

19 January 2021 08:18 AM

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Modern marketing is a broad field of online service, advertising and analytics management that requires both technical and creative expertise. Above all, it should be kept in mind that it is led by the genuine reason why the company exists.


There is quite a variety of service providers involved in marketing and advertising. Of course, the choice of the right partner is always influenced by the goals of the business but also  personal chemistry will largely influence to the smoothness of processes. It's good to feel that you're appreciated and the communication is open and free. But why argue that a digital agency would be a better choice than a traditional marketing agency?



More depth, width, length and height


We argue that a website project with marketing peeps in the team from the beginning is more visioned to the future use of the site than without it. Similarly, the creation of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies, which involve site functionality and UX experts, gets to harness the technical side of the site according to strategy work. Utilising the expertise of different experts gives considerable depth to decisions. In addition, the business goal decisions considered in the website building or renewal project under the same office are in line with marketing and advertising planning. Working is more long-term, decisions are long-lasting and products take growth into account. You must always be able to scale up!


One stop strategy 


Modern digital marketing enables the utilisation of analytics and conversions, meaning measuring visitors actions on the site. Both can help develop the sales pipeline. Developing the path so that the user experience is pleasant and analytics can be used to track essential activities requires knowledge of online business and analytics skills. In general, considering the buying path already when the site is on the table as wireframes is an advantage. The earlier you see how the compelling content needed on the purchase path affects the sitemap and the elements to develop for it, the better.


Even for a ready-made site, conversion paths get in place, no worries. But the point is that when you market, you also need to measure what works on your site. If you divide your time between different offices in website maintenance and development, digital advertising and analytics, we hope that your time will be used efficiently. At Kokku, we strive to be the best web site builder and holistic digital marketing partner that can look at the full scale of online business and marketing. From there we start to identify the parts where bottlenecks are a barrier to your success.




Aino-Maija Koski

Marketing Specialist at Kokku with passion to empower marketers and boost businesses with insightful online marketing strategies, relevant content and agile analytics. I hope you enjoy reading our blog!