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What is WordPress CMS?

30 November 2020 01:20 PM

Mikä on WordPress julkaisujärjestelmä


What is WordPress? Millions of WordPress (WP) websites are published daily, ranging from small businesses to technology giants while no sign of a slowdown of growth is seen in the horizon. The title of the world's most popular publishing system, in turn, is reflected in its statistics - in 2020, more than 39% of the world's websites were created with WordPress.

WordPress was born in 2003 as a blogging platform and even today is a popular blog hosting service provider for both non-professional and professional bloggers. Today, is best known as a self-hosted content management system and platform for websites and e-Commerce. As a digital agency, we are convinced that WordPress sites work both in the customer interface and from the developer's point of view. The company's website renewal has never been so smooth!

One reason for the popularity of WordPress is the open source publishing system, making it an unbeatable alternative to monthly fee platforms. It is programmed in the PHP programming language using a MySQL database application to store data.


So what does CMS mean?

WordPress is also referred to as WordPress CMS. What does it mean? CMS refers to a content management system, ie in practice a comprehensive management tool for publishing websites and maintaining web content data base even without programming skills. 


To whom is WordPress suitable for?


WordPress is ideal for businesses that value security, ease of use and a modern publishing system in one package as part of creating an online presence. After a WordPress implementation training any of the company’s employees can basically learn the entry level skills in managing and editing the website.

The Finnish version of WordPress makes content management agile and intuitive. The control view guides and introduces topics to the user clearly. If there's no time to spend on website management, it's possible to obtain site maintenance to a digital agency or other partner in which case updates and content management will be handled for you.




WordPress in 2020


Every day more than 50 000 WordPress sites are published around the world. Every minute, 1600 blog articles see the light of day on the WP platform. Every month, more than 20 trillion WordPress pages reach more than 40 million page views worldwide. It is clear that WordPress is constantly changing and evolving and continues to grow. Already this year the 5.2. version including the Gutenberg editor was published. More than 50,000 WordPress plugins guarantee not only great usability but also unique websites.


Big brands rely on WordPress

Major brands have chosen WordPress as the platform for their websites. As many as 14,7% of the world’s most influential sites are programmed with WordPress, including Fortune 500 companies among others. Have we already convinced you? WordPress is trusted by the New York Times, Spotify, Facebook Newsroom, Beyonce and Visit Sweden, just to mention a few - are you ready to join the group? Learn more about Kokku's WordPress development process.


WordPress community brings together developers and experts

Open source WordPress is much more than just a website platform. Worldwide, more than 100 WordPress communities come together in events and online forums. Probably your tricky WordPress related question has already been answered on behalf of some expert. Active WordPress community of thousands of developers support each other globally.


Why to choose WordPress - in a nutshell


  • The world's most popular content management system, which is constantly updated and further developed
  • Open source system written in PHP using a MySQL database
  • A really easy operating system that allows the company’s marketing team to manage the content and customize the look of the site
  • A platform you can trust - security is taken seriously
  • The WordPress community around the world ensures you can find answers to pretty much any question on worldwide forums, WordPress-focused offices and WordPress events


Check out some WordPress sites we have developed


Aino Kalinainen

As a Marketing Specialist at Kokku I enable our clients to reach their full potential by planning digital marketing strategies, optimizing data-driven campaigns and diving deep into WordPress and HubSpot.