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What is HubSpot CMS Content Management System?

13 January 2021 09:00 AM HubSpot verkkosivut



In short, HubSpot is a mammoth of content management systems, as it is massive when related to many other CMS systems. Where others focus on content management for websites, HubSpot also includes virtually the entire palette of customer relationship management and digital marketing.

In addition to websites, HubSpot includes comprehensive CRM, social media content production, blogging, CTA's and A/B testing, pop-up and other forms, landing pages, a chatbot and tools for SEO work.


Kokku and HubSpot


We at Kokku have HubSpot for our own use and we highly recommend it to companies that want to combine and streamline their operations under one software. Because HubSpot can be used to build websites and we don’t believe in ready theme templates, we recommend that we design your website in the comprehensive Kokku style. Technically and visually uncompromising.

We also help with HubSpot deployment. Onboarding the software so that our marketing team jumps in to generate content or strategise your inbound strategy (with data security in mind) for your own HubSpot account, gives you advantage to hold all data very close. if needed.


What makes HubSpot so useful?

As mentioned, the software combines the tasks of different professionals under one roof under
Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. That alone doesn’t convince you to pay for HubSpot,
but the benefits are in the software’s versatile and smart functions. The activities help a
growth-oriented company streamline and enrich the amount of work done. For data collection,
you get the most out of it when you really take all the actions under HubSpot, even emails.

You should check out the HubSpot Academy training videos, which guide you not only to growth-driven design methodology, but also to the practical work of marketing, customer service and sales. Only a few companies offer not only the tools, but also comprehensive guidance on the client's own work.

HubSpot raises customer service with marketing and sales to an equally significant part, as it should be. At HubSpot, in addition to marketing, sales and customer service have the potential to build top-notch service. There's also feature to know how satisfied your customers are.

Project management is convenient in the software because you can create tasks for the team and yourself, as well as communicate about the progress all the way to the customer.

If there is usually friction with integrations, the advantage of HubSpot’s is that the software integrates extensively into all common office tools, ad platforms, and websites.


What are the deployment costs of HubSpot?

HubSpot, like all good pay. Starter versions of HubSpot's CRM and various hubs are already available for 104€ a month. It’s worth comparing how much to pay for the co-costs of other software, the amount may suddenly seem quite reasonable.

Deploying any new CRM tool requires data entry first. However, the gradual introduction of new software is helped by the fact that the program can be integrated into, for example, Salesforce. Deploying systems doesn’t always feel like walking along the red carpet, but remember that Kokku is there to help you.


What does Inbound has to do with HubSpot?

Inbound marketing seems to be the same as HubSpot, but no wonder. HubSpot owner and one of the developers, Brian Hannigan, gave the name to this marketing methodology. It’s not about new things, but inbound sums up well how a company’s mission is to actively and agilely serve a customer in order for the customer to succeed.

The Inbound methodology is featured in everything related to HubSpot. It crystallises into a flywheel vortex that describes the continuous and seamless work between teams in building lasting customer relationships. The goal is to help your target audience succeed in their own work. When your customer succeeds, so do you. Flywheel’s Whirlwind Attract, Engage, and Delight describe different steps in the customer path and strategies to direct visitors to conversions through relevant and engaging marketing.




HubSpot to boost sales 

The biggest benefit for sales is to combine with marketing and communicate seamlessly through automation internally and externally. The sales pipeline outlines better and the bottlenecks are more accessible. Comprehensive CRM helps you see how a person became a leader, by recording both the activities of your company related to him or her and the activities the leader has made.

The sales tracking software provides handy tools when you want to track individual and group performance and how customer relationships are evolving. You see every step of a successful customer case saved, so you don’t have to guess what worked and what didn’t.


Efficiency with automations

HubSpot strives to automate as much as possible. Both sales, marketing and customer service can take advantage of automated messages and paths (Workflows) to get the most out of a chatbot, for example. Chatbot can e.g. work 24/7 by itself and find out what the visitor came for and validate the lead very far. After that, the visitor can be directed to the sales person, or to the right product category in the online store if it suits the needs better.

Automation helps also to respond in a timely manner to leads handed over for sale, a visitor who sent a question in a chat, or a question asked to customer service. It is well known that a quick response to negative customer feedback is worthwhile.


HubSpot helps to identify the prospects

Every action a visitor performs, such as opening a link in a newsletter, can be scored. Based on the scoring, you can decide where the customer is likely to still need the information provided by the marketing, ie mooring (MQL), and when the watches should ring as a sign of contact (SQL). As already opened in the previous paragraph, it is a good idea to put automatic notifications of the steppes to the corresponding members of the team.

Comprehensive information about contacts can be collected and lists help to handle leads, warm leads and customer relationships. You will be able to create different leaderboards based on the scoring of activities. Giggling on these lists is worthwhile from a marketing standpoint when you are able to test the functionality of different content.


HubSpot is for the modern marketer

HubSpot is a growing and evolving platform for its user group. It is an excellent daily tool that makes it easy to implement a strategy for growth.

Were you interested in how HubSpot would work for your business?

Get in touch, let's chat! You can catch us here or send an email to


Aino-Maija Koski

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