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Kokku X Leokoira

5 March 2019 03:54 PM


Our amazing Creative Director Yasir made some sick video editing for Leokoira (Leo dog), an upcoming bar spitter from Finland. This collaboration started from a mutual love for music, and more importantly music videos. Yasir and Leokoira go way back and have worked together in various projects before. They return now with their third collaborative music video for Leokoira’s new single “Millane Koira”.

First things first

Let’s not get hasty now. We didn’t jump into a photo studio straight away. It was important to involve the artist in the design process, just as any client at Kokku, to gain mutual insights and understanding on what we are about to do and why even in an artistic endeavour like this. We sat down at Kokku head quarters for a strategy workshop and mapped out creative goals for this project all the way from equipment to marketing. What resources did we have? What kind of techniques should we use? Where should we shoot it? Well, like in all self-initiated projects of this nature, there are two ends to the scale: low budget on one side and a passionate love for the craft on the other. Luckily for everyone they balanced out in the end.

Have a look at what Yasir and Leokoira cooked up together, remember to like and share!



Brand consistency

We bootstrapped almost everything because we realised that it isn’t about the fancy equipment or crazy 3D rendering that makes a good video, but a story and concept that will drive the song forward. We realised that visual narrative and communication should be the main focus here. Our concept was to show all different versions of Leokoira layered over waveforms of different tracks from the songs recording, and let the viewer answer the question “Millane Koira” (What kind of a dog?). So what we did was create a concept that would visually enforce both the Leokoira brand and fit the narrative of earlier videos that have been experimental and somewhat self reflective in nature. Brand consistency is key, yet again.

Asset 3-8


Room for innovation

Yasir came up with a technique that you can see throughout the video. The “fake stop motion” effect that gives Leokoira a choppy look and feel to emphasise the fast and furious flow of the song. This meant numerous amounts of layers and a little snippet of code (thanks Eepu!) to create this effect. The effect was created by filming the exact same scene four times, layered them on top of each other and showed just three frames of each at a time. This made the video choppy, hectic and look like it was built from separate images with far less work than an actual stop motion. Clever, right?



Strategy, strategy, strategy

We think the lesson of the story is that if there is a will there is a way. No matter how big or small the project is Kokku has agility, skill and curiosity to overcome, one way or another. This project had loads of challenges, compromises were made, and it required hard work. However, a solid strategy workshop, transparency, good communication and keeping the client close enabled a successful end result. There is always room for innovation, just as in the production of this video. A strategic approach combined with conceptual thinking will go a long way.



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